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‘Bismilah Hir’Rahman Nir’Raheem.

The blessing of saying Bismilah

The first verse in the Holy Quran. This is the start of every new Surah, this signifies the importance of any surah, therefore this is the need of reciting it to the start of everything we do in our life.

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  • Acrylic Canvas piece.


Subhan’Allah signifies ‘glory to god’. It’s mostly exclaimed at his creations. For instance, you see a shining star; Subhan’Allah. Phrase or exclamation.

The effectiveness of saying Subhan’Allah is strong. In the Quran stated whoever recites Subhan’Allah 100 times a day, his sins are wiped away – the words dearest to Allah. Prophet Muhammed (sws) declared that the words “subhanAllah wa bihamdihi” are light on the tongue but weigh heavy on the balance and are loved by the merciful one. The prophet taught that it is one of the four praises that Allah likes Muslims to say continuously





Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) announced to his followers that after the imam has recited Surah Fatihah, Ameen should be answered. Considering the fact the angels beside you saying Ameen too, will compose your negative sins to be forgiven’-As said in the Quran.

This term is used in religions Islam Christianity, Judaism etc. Originated from the ancient Semitic word. Ameen means truthful and faithful in Arabic and Hebrew, but mostly knows as ‘I affirm gods truth’ In Islam Ameen is read as the acceptance of Gods word at the end of a prayer or thought hoping that God hears and answers their prayer.

The Islamic term of Ameen is recited at the end of Surah Fatihah, as it the first chapter in the Quran, in distinction to duas.

Sharpie Method

In this picture, I used a different composition from my other art works. This is  very purposive resource to use for beginners, as it helps with the grip and a slanted technique which starts of the mind of writing in a calligraphic way.  Using sharpies is just like using a felt tip or a pen; but with a steady grip and control. This was one of my 1st ‘sharpie’ work. I’m pleased with the final production as I had thought it would not work out well but did!

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